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iPhone Separation Anxiety: It's a Thing

  A new study from University of Missouri shows many people lose cognitive abilities when their phones aren’t around.

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Advanced Telescope Lets NASA See Inside Supernovas

  Cassiopeia A was a star more than eight times the mass of our sun before it exploded in the cataclysmic, fiery death astronomers call a supernova. And thanks to NASA space telescopes, scientists are learning more than ever about exactly how it happened. The new technology is cluing in scientists to a radioactive element […]

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The Way Snapchat Plans To Make Money Off You

  Snapchat will reportedly launch a new service called “Snapchat Discovery.” Video clips, daily news and ads are all expected to be offered. The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, Snapchat Inc, developer of a mobile app that lets users send messages that disappear within seconds, might expand its service to videos, news articles and […]

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Google Self-Driving Cars Are Getting Smarter

  Google released a video showing its self-driving car software. The tech can detect cars, construction, cyclists, pedestrians and more. Google’s latest invitation into the word of self-driving cars detailed some of the progress it’s been making over the last year with its self-driving car initiative. The driverless cars have been tackling the challenge of […]

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Mac Cameras Can Record Without Indicator Lights

Researchers have developed a workaround that enables recording through the cameras of older model Apple computers without activating indicator lights. This is a rather frightening realization considering its bring about the possibility of a person hacking into your computer remotely, turning on your Mac’s camera and recording to their hearts content without you even knowing. […]

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