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The $10k Hoverboard

  A real life hoverboard that works, the Hendo Hoverboard. This is the futures, ladies and gentlemen.

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Operating an Arcade Claw Machine Using Just Gestures

  The future frontier of arcade gaming is here! Gesture technology has made its way to the arcade gaming arena. Engadget checks out a claw arcade machine that uses a gesture camera instead of a joystick. It’s definitely a highlight at IDF 2014 in Shenzhen.

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Up Close with a Bitcoin Mining Powerhouse

  Alex Lawn is in New York on a pitstop, arriving in from Sweden on his way to next week’s Inside Bitcoin conference in Las Vegas. He hasn’t slept much. The way he describes it, no one at KnCMiner does much sleeping these days, as the company races to become the driving force in the […]

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Motorola Moto G Review

  The announcement of the Moto G, a low-end Android device, represents an aggressive although expected move from Motorola. Beyond the sales potential of the Moto G in emerging markets lies another truth. As Android matures, Google needs a reference point for how low Android manufacturers can go, and which hardware developers should be targeting. […]

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The Smart Desk that Urges You To Stand More

  The $3,890 Stir Kinetic Desk is surely a luxury piece of office furniture but also has a heart of gold. The device raises and lowers itself between sitting and standing positions on its own plus wisely keeps track of how long you do either to push you towards a better lifestyle. The Kinetic Desk, […]

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