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Google Glass Pictures Taken With a Wink

Google has announced an important set of updates for their Google Glass headset. The most important change is an official “wink to take photos” mode, which will eliminate the need for a voice command. Back in April a Reddit user pointed out that there was a code for “winking” within Google Glass’s companion app and […]

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Sony Patenting 'Smart Wig'

  Sony is attempting to patent designs for a ‘smart wig.’ The patent reveals the wig would work in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet and would feature GPS, a laser and an actuator to detect nearby objects. Sony’s engineers have filed a patent for this new form of wearable technology, which could possible feature […]

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New Gadget Displays Your Favorite Apps on Your Windshield

The Next Company is debuting a heads-up display that integrates frequently-used phone features right into your windshield — making it easier to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

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Google glass as fashion statement

Women are conscious about their appearances and want to ensure that they look at their best all the time. They ensure that everything from their clothes to shoes is well-coordinated so that they look perfect and everything seems to be properly in place. One of the crucial accessories that is worn by every woman in […]

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