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Connection Between Playing Video Games And A Thicker Brain

  Could playing video games directly benefit your brain? For all the negative news about the alleged downsides of playing video games, it’s always surprising to come across research that shows a potentially huge upside. A new study fills the bill by showing that heavy video game play is associated with greater “cortical thickness” – […]

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What Is Dogspotting And Why Are People So Angry About It?

  A Facebook group created for posting pictures of random dogs is being accused of tyranny across the Internet. You may have never heard of it, but “Dogspotting” is one of the Internet’s most popular sports. With the institution of a new, strict set of rules, it’s also becoming very controversial. Kind of. The Rules: […]

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Five Things You Need to Know About the Xbox One

Part AV component, part next-gen gaming console, Microsoft’s Xbox One hits stores Friday. The WSJ’s Adam Najberg goes hands-on and advises how it stacks up against Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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Slingbox Brings You Live Video Streaming

Slingbox made it possible to watch games live even when away from cable TV. Now it’s updating it’s technology for Roku, iPad, and Windows. Could this be a better alternative to Apple TV or Chromecast?

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