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How to Buy a New Computer

Purchasing a new computer is not something that should be done spur-of-the-moment; as a big-ticket item, a buyer should do some research into what is available and decide what the computer will be used for.  Here are some handy tips when it comes to buying a new computer. First of all, before going online and investigating […]

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The Basics of Computer Terminology: Hardware

Everybody knows how important it is to stay connected; however, many of us treat computers in the same way we treat cars; we know how to drive but we have no idea how an engine works or what a piston is, or what horsepower means.  We know how to use computers, we can navigate the […]

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Importance of Laptop Cooling Pads

Nowadays everyone is using a laptop for one reason or the other. Whether it’s a professional or an individual at home, both use laptops for personal and professional reasons. There are some offices where desktops have been discarded and laptops are provided to the workers. This means that the usage of laptops has increased and […]

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What should I look for in an USB flash drive?

What is a flash drive? A flash drive is also commonly known as a thumb drive. A flash drive or a thumb drive is an external storage device which is removable. It can be plugged in the USB port of a computer, laptop or a tablet PC. The usage of a flash drive is similar […]

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