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Computer Protection

Secure Your Wireless Network and Live Without Fear

Most of us who have a wireless connection, don’t know how big a risk it can be to not secure it properly. Nevertheless, even if you haven’t secured your connection yet, it is time you do, so that you can stay safe from hackers.  Given below are some steps that you can follow easily to […]

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Celebrities May Be Dangerous To Your Computer’s Health

Looking for more information or the latest gossip on Angelina and Brad, Snookie, the Kardashians, Kristen Stewart, Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears? If you are looking on the Internet you may be placing your computer at grave risk. Hackers are now targeting web surfers who use search engines to look for information about the famous […]

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Latest Computer Viruses

Viruses are more than a nuisance these days. Whether they are biological viruses like SARS and dengue, or computer viruses like Win32, Viking, Gen,  Trojan, Renos, and PGZ, they always not only annoy the receiver but also make them vulnerable for further attacks from other viruses and malware. With the advent of the information age where […]

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Protect Your Computer: Offline and Online

There is a huge misconception out there that most off the shelf computers or laptops are safe from hackers, thieves, spyware and malware just because they come with a firewall and a free trial period of virus protection. Not only is that not true, but there are many other things to consider before you set […]

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