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Taking a Shower with the Apple Watch

Brian Tong tests the Apple Watch Sport by bringing it in the shower with him to see if it truly is water resistant.

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Ditch the Spray: Apps to Repel Mosquitoes

  Say “bye bye” to those itchy and unsightly mosquito bites with help of a little technology. Along with summer comes cookouts, swimming, and mosquitoes –lots of them. Instead of slathering on repellent, turn to your smartphone to keep pesky critters at bay. In this Tech Minute, CNET’sKara Tsubio reports on apps designed to repel […]

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How to Set Up and Start Using Cortana

  In the land of virtual assistants a new “face” is joining the lineup. Microsoft’s got an answer to Siri and her name is Cortana. Cortana, which takes its name from the Halo video game series, will receive voice commands to call contacts, pull up apps and search the Internet. CNET’s Dan Graziano shows you […]

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Flappy Bird Maker Says Game Over

  After soaring into our hearts with equal parts frustration and addiction, it looks like the viral smartphone game “Flappy Bird” is coming in for a landing. For good. The unfathomably popular game has been deleted from app stores, whoa are we! But never fear, if you feel the craving for a Flappy Bird fix […]

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