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A 3D Printer That Won't Break the Bank

  You’ve probably heard of 3D printing by now, and you might be interested in joining the 3D printing revolution, but there’s always been one this holding you back – the price. XYZ Printing unveiled its answer, the world’s most affordable 3D printer to date. Most consumer 3D printers average around $1,500, but XYZ’s Da […]

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World's First 3D-Printed Titanium Ribcage Saves Cancer Patient

3D printing is the future of medicine. Manufacturers have proven its worth again and again through the creation of a custom vertebra, knee parts, and skin grafts. The most recent additions to these custom 3D printed human parts include a titanium sternum and rib cage. The lucky recipient of these 3D printed parts was a […]

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CraftBot 3D Is Another Take On Making An Affordable, Accessible 3D Printer

  You wait ages for an affordable 3D printer and then two come along at once. Mota 3D’s Kickstarter campaign’s goal is to raise $100,000 to get a fully featured, high resolution $600 3D printer to market. And CraftBot 3D’s makers are seeking $40,000 via Indiegogo, to make an “easy to use and affordable” 3D […]

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CreoPop 3D Pen Review

  CreoPop’s photo-polymer 3D drawing pen stands out among existing tools because it uses neither heat nor plastics to create objects that can stand on their own. Instead, it employs a chemical reaction to harden its “ink,” which is actually a gel-like polymer. Lance Ulanoff gives it a spin.

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The Space Station Is Getting Its First 3D Printer

  The first 3D printer ever to fly in space will blast off this month, and NASA has high hopes for the innovative device’s test runs on the International Space Station. NASA officials said, the 3D printer , which is scheduled to launch toward the orbiting lab Sept. 19 aboard SpaceX’s unmanned Dragon cargo capsule, […]

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Home Depot Shopping List: Shelving? Check. 3D Printers? Check.

  Home Depot is redefining the term DIY now that MakerBot printers and scanners are available in some retail locations. For those with ambitions of 3D-printing utensils, figurines or other objects for the home, Home Depot may be your next stop. In a move that could launch 3D printing into the mainstream, Home Depot announced […]

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