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Sony's Upgraded Aibo Robo-Pup Revealed at CES 2019
By Jean Santiago Posted in Emerging Tech, News on January 10, 2019

When Sony first released their robot dog, the Aibo Robo-Pup, exactly two decades ago in 1999, they counted on it becoming a beloved pet for its owners. Unfortunately, it didn’t gain much traction and production had to be put on hiatus after just 7 years.

However, Sony didn’t want to give up on their pet and the project was revived. It was relaunched in Japan in 2017 with a few new tricks up its sleeve. This year, a cooler, better, and more intelligent version was announced at CES 2019.

At $2899, we have to admit that the Sony Aibo is pretty expensive– more expensive than your average dog, in fact. Sony President Mike Fasulo says that the Aibo’s processors have been upgraded– this pup’s AI smarts is the same technology that powers self-driving cars. But all we want to know is this: for the price, what exactly can it do?

You can do a lot of things with this interactive robot doggie, including playing with it, giving it an “Aibone”, and even “bonding” with it over your WiFi connection. And just like a real dog, the Sony Aibo can respond to your voice commands, and you don’t even have to spend hours training it with tricks and words of praise. All you need to do is to add tricks to its knowledge base using its companion app.

Aside from this, it also has sensors and cameras in its eyes and nose, allowing it to recognize your movements and even your facial features. That’s right, the Sony Aibo has facial recognition! Its personality can even develop further the longer that you stay with it. How cool is that?

The Aibo is currently available for preorder. It has limited stocks, so sign up now if you want your own robo-puppy!

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