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Sleep All the Dodow Night!

Photo Credit: Magma Shop

A good night’s sleep, no crazy drugs or invasive surgery required.

One of the biggest struggles people have every day is keeping their energy level up. The main reason for that is the inability to get a good night’s sleep. With our stressful lives, it is hard for the mind to settle down at night. We lay in bed thinking about the day we had and worry about things that could be coming up.

You try using sleeping pills, but they don’t let you sleep all the way through the night. And, if they do, you still wake up groggy and feel unproductive. Plus, many of the pills leave you with dry mouth all day long.

What is the solution then? Try Dodow. Dodow is designed to calm down your brain activity, help slow down your breathing, and produce a general calm over your whole body.

You place Dodow on a night stand next to your bed and let the magic begin. You can choose the eight-minute cycle or the twenty-minute mode; a blue light will appear on your ceiling and you sync up your breathing to it by inhaling with the expansion of the light.

When the light begins to retract, you exhale. The light will fluctuate in its expansion and retraction to help your body really focus on breathing and calming down from the day. When the eight or twenty-minute mode ends, the Dodow will shut itself off. At this point, your body should be in the perfect sleeping state of mind.

It is extremely portable and can travel with you wherever your sleeping travels may take you. A single Dodow costs $59.00. If sleeping at night is a constant battle for you, this device might be the perfect opportunity for you to get that restful night sleep that your mind and body deserves.