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Do You Want To Live Forever?

Taylor Swift and ZAYN said it best in their song “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” but in case you disagree with them and actually do want to exist forever, just stay alive until 2050 and it might be possible.

It may sound like science fiction, but Dr. Ian Pearson, a futurologist who blogs about all things science may overcome in the next years, has predicted that when we die, our “sentience” will be able to live on in a robotic exoskeleton. That’s right, imagine all your personal memories being downloaded into a robot so you can continue to live as a real-life terminator.

Sounds like something out of a nightmare to me, and Pearson notes that there are a lot of dangers to this procedure as well. Not only is it testing the ethics of science, but apparently, your mind’s data will be stored in a cloud-like service which could be accessed by tech giants like Google and Facebook. Then, these companies would be able to replicate and reproduce your personality for their own marketing or development purposes. It’s almost like selling your soul to a corporation in exchange for immortality.

While these is no specific word on exactly how (or if) this is actually going to happen, it’s definitely something to think about. When will science reach the point where it pushes the boundaries of life just a little too far? Who knows, maybe we’ve already reached that point…