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‘Red Dead Online’ Players Resort To Killing Cougars Due To Glitch

Before Rockstar Games’ action-adventure multiplayer game Red Dead Online rolled out its latest update, players used to be able to make money in the game through normal ways, such as typical hunting. Now that hunting has been nerfed, however, players have to resort to other more creative, and highly controversial, ways to make money.

As pointed out recently by, there’s a glitch in the game that accidentally clones hunted cougars that are taken to the butchers. This effectively ‘cheats’ the system by allowing players to gain more money for virtually no or minimal effort. Players already knew about it before, but the opportunity to use (and abuse) the glitch never came until this last update.

If you want to try out the glitch for yourself, wrote a pretty detailed but simple outline of it. In a nutshell, though, all you have to do is take a cougar that you hunted (for best results and the most money, CB recommends you use a three-star cougar) to the butcher and leave it there with your horse. If you go out and run back in after a few seconds, the horse will be gone, but the cougar will still be there. And if you call your horse in and back out, it will come with a cougar— yes, a clone— that you can repeat over and over again for unlimited money.

Do take note that this is considered cheating the system and all risks will be yours if you try it out. Heed our warning!