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Preorders Now Available For Amazon Echo Show 5

Small enough to keep on your nightstand, smart enough to show you what you want to see.

Excited for Amazon’s next smart device? Preorders are now available for the Amazon Echo Show 5, the tech giant’s latest generation, and for a surprisingly affordable price.

The Echo Show 5 is an entry-level device by Amazon aimed towards consumers who are only looking for a basic smart display or may not have the budget to purchase the more sophisticated models. Unlike its bigger competitors and siblings, the Echo Show 5 is only 5.5 inches – a bit smaller than Google’s 7-inch smart display, the Google Nest Hub.

However, it does work well on its own even as a smaller-than-average smart display. It has a built-in camera, a hardwired camera shutter, a separate dedicated camera, as well as an off-button for the microphone. This new Echo Show also has the new privacy features on Alexa already implemented, which definitely saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

Like other smart displays, the Echo Show 5 has plenty of features that are made for your convenience. It has Amazon Alexa installed, an ambient light sensor that allows auto brightness, and a dedicated control screen that includes thermostat controls, lighting controls, and other connected controls for smart homes.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is getting released later this month, but it’s available now for preorder for only $90.