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Outages Wreak Havoc In Apple’s App Store


Welp, time to go round up the angry mob again…

A small number of Apple users experienced several issues accessing Apple’s line of store apps, including iOS App Store, macOS App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books, which experienced outages on Thursday.

The two most common problems were users not being able to purchase items or update existing apps on any of the listed App Stores. The issues were first seen at around 1:40 AM on May 8. It’s unknown whether only a few users experienced the App Store outages though or if it’s simply because not a lot of people check their App Stores on a daily basis.

Some took to social media to ask around if others were experiencing the same inconvenience.

Twitter user Kathy asked. “Anyone else having problems with the App Store not updating apps?”

Apple posted on its developer website that both TestFlight and App Store Connect also experienced some issues in relation to the outages.

User Maximillian tweeted, “Is Testflight part of App Store Connect down for everyone? Can’t access it anymore.”

To which 5 other people replied almost the same thing, “Yes.”

Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long. Apple managed to fix the issue within two days, posting an update on its site that it has been resolved.

In terms of scale, this is nothing compared to the outages experienced by Facebook apps earlier this year that had millions of people flocking to similar apps like Telegram.