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Oculus Rift S Review Rips Into Device


Ready Player One, this is not.

Engadget recently released a review of the Oculus Rift S, ripping into the device and asking what plenty of other reviewers had in their minds: “You call this an upgrade?”

“If it had come out a year ago, the Oculus Rift S would feel more worthwhile, but as is, this device feels like it’s playing catch-up,” the review says. “The Rift S adds cameras for inside-out tracking, and improves display resolution, but comes with a number of drawbacks. The screens are now LCD instead of OLED, and the refresh rate has dropped, plus the device still requires multiple cables.”

It goes on to say, “This and a number of other trade-offs make the Rift S hard to recommend, especially when you consider the new high-performance headsets from HTC, Valve, HP, and Samsung.”

This isn’t the only review to share disappointed sentiments about the VR device. Other reviewers have already said that while the Rift S is a good choice if you’re completely new to VR, it isn’t worth an upgrade (or even a switch) if you’ve previously purchased a VR system before.

Still interested in the Rift S despite all the lukewarm reviews? You can preorder it now on Amazon for $399. The actual device will be released later this month on May 21st.