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Nubia’s Alpha Smartwatch is an Intriguing, Puzzling Wearable Tech

The recent Mobile World Conference, or MWC 2019, had several intriguing new devices on display. Perhaps the biggest news to come from the conference was the new foldable Samsumg smartphone, which garnered the most media attention. The newest addition to the ever expanding smart technology, many were intrigued and excited by the flexible screen, a seemingly space aged technology that is now being explored by many tech companies. But one of the more bizarre, less functional, but perhaps equally as cool devices is the Nubia Alpha flexible screened smartwatch. The device, while being seen as an interesting and forward thinking piece of commercially available tech, has also been criticized for poor functionality in the place of looking cool.

The device bears little resemblance to the Apple Watch, which arguably began the slower moving smartwatch trend. These “wearables” have had some success in catching on to mainstream culture, but its been hit or miss with a lot of these kinds of devices. The risk has not quite paid off for many who believe these kinds of devices are the way of the future. Alpha Nubia has little recognition in the US, but has a great deal in China and other parts of Asia. Perhaps the gimmick is what makes the device so interesting.

The fact that the screen can bend around your wrist while still functioning like any other smart device touchscreen is an awesome development, no matter where the technology goes from here. Its safe to say that even if these kinds of devices never actually catch on, the ideas pushing the technology forward are sure to keep progressing. And hopefully, that progress isn’t always held back by poor functionality.

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