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Nintendo Developing New Pokemon Mobile Game

Image from GeekTyrant

A new way to catch ’em on the go is in the pipeline.

Nintendo is certainly busy with their upcoming console releases later this year, but it seems like the video game company still has some time to spend on other game-related developments despite its hectic schedule.

According to some reports going around online, Nintendo is planning to develop a new mobile game for a 2019 release, apart from the already announced Mario Kart mobile game, Mario Kart Tour. The reports came after it was revealed that Nintendo is partnering up with mobile and e-commerce company DeNA, one of their previous partners in mobile game development. Together, Nintendo and DeNA have already made several games for mobile platforms including Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes.

There are no definite details yet, but rumor has it that the new game is going to be Pokemon. This obviously isn’t going to be the first Pokemon mobile game, especially since Pokemon Rumble Rush just stealth-dropped onto mobile platforms earlier this week (plus, y’know, Pokemon Go). However, if it does turn out to be Pokemon, it can be almost certain that fans from all around the world will rejoice at the news. also mentions how a collaboration between the two companies could be rather refreshing and unique, as one of DeNA’s specialties is strategy games, which is very different from the hugely popular Pokemon Go.