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Next-Gen iPhone XR To Release With New Colors

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Agh, decisions, decisions…

As September draws nearer, more and more rumors and reports about the upcoming release of the next generation iPhones are sprouting up on the internet.

According to a report that first appeared on Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple may be releasing some brand new colors for the next generation version of the iPhone XR. Two of the colors are said to be green and lavender, which will supposedly replace two of the color options in the current lineup. The report did not go into detail how Apple came to decide on these colors to replace, however.

Why the iPhone XR chooses such a wide range of colors comes as no surprise. Apple used the colors as a marketing technique when the phone was first released back in 2018. Combined with its $750 price tag, many reviewers tagged the XR as “the best iPhone ever,” citing its “unquestionably superb value” considering the quality of its camera and performance as the main reason why. This coming¬†September, the phone is expected to undergo a few changes, such as a new dual-lens camera at the back, for example.

Since 2013, the iPhone XR is the first iPhone after the 5C to offer non-traditional colors (ie. black, gold, and white). Currently, Apple offers the XR in red, yellow, blue, and coral besides the traditional ones.