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New Teaser Gives Us a Glimpse of Samsung’s Foldable Phone

An official teaser from South Korean tech giant Samsung revealed a few more details regarding their upcoming foldable phone, known by some circles as the Samsung Galaxy F or the Samsung Galaxy X.

The video posted on Samsung Vietnam’s official channel showed the foldable device alongside another bezel-less device in short snippets. The screen looks like a full front screen book that can be opened up, resulting in a much bigger screen. It’s similar to the preview that the company released last November, although this one looks closer to the actual finished product.

At the end of the video was the hashtag “#DoWhatYouCant” which is possibly going to be Samsung’s new motto for its new devices including the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S series. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is seeing a February 20 launch, but no news regarding the foldable device has been released yet.

Unfortunately for excited fans, the teaser seems to have been a mistaken upload, as the video was almost immediately removed afterwards. However, it has already been reuploaded to various video streaming sites, for those who are interested.