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Must-Have Apps On Your Phone


Never forget the essentials.

Sometimes, our phones get really bogged down with apps that we rarely use. If you’re ever going to declutter your phone though, make sure not to delete these! According to Business Insider and Lifehack, these are the best apps to have on your phone.

Email Apps

Email apps are a definite must-have in every phone, considering how important emails are these days. We get emails for everything – bills, account updates, newsletters, everything! If you don’t like your phone’s native email app, Business Insider suggests checking out Email by Edison on the app store. It has a sleek and modern UI that allows you to organize your emails in the easiest way possible.

Weather App

Forgot to take a rain check before going out? Nobody likes a sudden downpour when they’re ready to spend the entire day out, so make it a habit to check the weather before you leave the house! The app Dark Sky allows you to check the weather consistently, giving accurate updates by the minute so that you know exactly if it’s going to rain or shine.

Food Delivery Apps

Ever had those moments where you’re hungry but you’re either too tired, too busy, or even just too lazy to cook? That’s when food delivery apps come to the rescue! Door Dash is a food delivery app that delivers food straight to your doorstep in just one click. New users get charged $0 delivery fee for the first 30 days after signing up, so try it out now!

Camera Apps

These days, it’s hard to find a phone without a camera included in it. With the rise of smartphones and their fancy technology comes the rise of various camera apps, which allow us to control and even edit whatever we capture. One pretty useful app is Horizon, which allows you to take videos horizontally even if you have your phone vertically.

Health Apps

Health is wealth, as the old adage goes. Aside from your phone’s native Health app, Lifehacker also suggests downloading the Sleep Cycle power nap app, which lets you take a 20-minute power nap each day while analyzing your movements and activity level.

Do you already have these apps on your phone? Now you can finally do all you can using your smartphone!