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More Outdoor Gadgets for the Summer

Photo Credit: Ryan Grepper

Vacation, heat waves, beach days, and hanging with friends is what summer is all about.

This sense of rest and relaxation is what makes summer one of the best seasons of the year, made even better with a few modern conveniences. Here are a few summer gadgets that you can add to your collection this year.

The Coolest Cooler

This 60-quart capacity cooler keeps ice cold for four to five days. It comes with a splash proof and shockproof speaker to jam out to your best tunes. There are compartments for your phone, corkscrew, plates, and other odds and ends that everyone could use for a picnic. You can add a blender to the cooler, create a bar-top table, and take advantage of a solar-panel lid to charge your phone. This multi-purpose cooler can be yours for just under $250.

I, Robot

Don’t feel like mowing the lawn anymore? Instead of paying someone to do the job for you, you can check out some of the new robotic lawnmowers to do the job for you. These bots can cut up to 0.8 acres of land and automatically recharge themselves. It will cost you some money, as most of the robots go for $2,700 and up. But, you will be the talk and envy of the neighborhood!

Italian-Style Pizzas

The Alfa 4 Pizza Copper Top Wood Fired Oven will have your guests in awe. The inside of the oven is designed to efficiently circulate heat that leads to a faster high temperature experience. There are multiple layers of European ceramic fiber that keeps the oven heat resistant up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ve got $2,800 to burn, you can be the pizza chef of the neighborhood.

Maverick Wi-Fi Digital Thermometer

The Maverick Wi-Fi Digital Thermometer is the perfect way to let you sit and relax and cook from anywhere in the house. Well, okay, you still have to do some of the cooking, but it allows you to check your food from anywhere via its app. It is water resistant and comes with two meat probes that you can use for under $130.