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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Laptop

Contrary to popular belief, laptops are some of the hardest things to buy. Unlike other devices such as televisions or gaming consoles, laptops are less straightforward. When buying a TV for example, you may just be looking for one or two things. How many inches is the screen? Does it have Wi-Fi capabilities? It is FHD or UHD? When buying a game, the considerations are even smaller. What games do I want to play? What games do I already have?

But when buying laptops, there are so many things you have to consider. How big is the screen? The RAM? What about the hard drive? Should I go for HDD or SSD? i5 or i7? How long is the battery life? When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Here are some mistakes you should avoid when buying a new laptop, according to Digital Trends.

Choosing a laptop that’s too cheap or too expensive

A lot of people use the price as the main guide when buying a new laptop, when it shouldn’t be the case. Some choose the cheapest laptop thinking it’s already good enough. Some choose the most expensive one they can afford without considering if they actually need all the extra frills. Budget should be a consideration, of course, but when trying to find the perfect laptop, it’s rarely the be-all end-all. Do look at the specifications too.

Forgetting which ports you actually need

Laptops can be such fickle things sometimes. When it comes to buying laptops, one thing that many people tend to overlook is the amount and type of ports that they’re going to need. Do you need a USB-C? A thunderbolt? A card reader? Compatibility is a huge thing (not just in relationships!) but it’s something that people always seem to forget.

Confusing a laptop for a tablet

More and more 2-in-1 laptops have been coming out recently, and more and more people have been buying into the hype. Don’t think that just because it’s “2-in-1”, you’re actually getting both a laptop and a tablet in one. In truth, “2-in-1” laptops are actually more of a hybrid than anything. It can’t be as light as a tablet, nor can it be as powerful as a typical laptop.

Now, get out there and buy the perfect laptop for you!