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Microsoft Teams Offers Features Slack is Slacking On
By Karli Wallace Posted in Emerging Tech, News on July 13, 2018

Microsoft Teams is taking on competing instant messaging platform Slack, offering more features and a better user experience.

Slack has present problems including the debacle last month when Slack users world-wide were unable to use the instant messaging platform, with the Slack app down nearly for a day. Many think that having access to Slack isn’t that important, but many businesses experience communication issues with the issues of Slack.

Another issue with Slack occurred in April with their privacy agreement that states messages are private, when in fact employers can access any messages on Slack and called for them to change their privacy policy that clearly states these terms.

Microsoft Teams has advantages over the Slack platform that is nearly impossible to replicate. Microsoft has been in the tech business longer than Slack with advantages of having their own platforms to work off of and offer consumer technology that gives them an advantage as well.

Microsoft Teams runs on the Office platform and provides a more stable user experience with the well-known name of Microsoft attached. They also offer more than chat capabilities including the collaboration suite giving users more access to more features. Teams has also integrated Skype capabilities for voice and video, providing a video chat service.

Teams is focusing on creating a platform that helps businesses become more productive, moving from individual productivity to group productivity. Microsoft is innovating to compete with the change in how people work while focusing on how a company achieves more together than individually.

Microsoft will also be providing a free version of Teams so more companies can try their platform before committing. They are are incorporating AI technology including a feature called Background Blur that helps during video calls to avoid messy backgrounds during the call in a crowded room that blurs the screen while allowing voice chat.

For more on the latest developments at Microsoft check out the video above.

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