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Microsoft Patent Set to Transform Smartphones into Xbox Controllers


Microsoft may have a mobile platform in the works with a familiar design.

Last month, Microsoft filed a patent that would allow a smartphone to be transformed into an on-the-go Xbox. This could be start of Microsoft’s first foray into handheld gaming, not to mention a declaration of war against the Nintendo Switch.

The patent is a charging device for removable input modules. There is not currently a specific mention of Xbox, but the drawings reveal buttons and symbols that resemble what you would find on an Xbox controller.

The chargers would temporarily attach to a touchscreen device to provide input controls. It is expected that the controllers would eventually have built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and wireless headphone support. These controllers would alleviate some of the struggles gamers have with touchscreen devices. The controllers would take care of slipping fingers, obscured displays, and cramped space.

The controller set up would resemble the Switch, but the biggest difference is that Microsoft’s patent will focus on enabling the Project xCloud video game streaming service on mobile phones. xCloud allows players to stream console and PC games to their devices through an internet connection. The games are not downloaded to the device, but rather streamed from Microsoft’s own servers.

Since this is only in the patent stage, there is no timetable as to when this new technology could be available, if at all.