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Lyft Subscription Helps Frequent Riders Save
By Karli Wallace Posted in News on May 16, 2018

Many people use rideshare as an alternative to owning a car, but this can be expensive for frequent riders paying by the trip. Lyft now offers a subscription membership to help frequent riders save money.

The ‘All-Access Pass’ monthly subscription service is $199 upfront for 30 free rides (up to $15), meaning any ride for $15 will be free but any ride over $15 will have the passenger pay the difference. Another option offering 60 rides starts at $399.

Lyft is testing the different methods for operating on a monthly subscription service, catering to what works best for customers. The ride share company is also looking into options for self-driving cars, further promoting interest in this new subscription service.

Denver is going to be one of the test cities for the new subscription membership for Lyft. Uber attempted to create a similar program with city testing in 2016, but was unsuccessful. Lyft as been testing subscription service models for the past couple of months, to ensure that they are ever-changing in their policy to ensure a good customer experience.

Lyft feels that people living in metropolitan areas are relying on the ride share option for transportation, rather than individually owned vehicles.

The subscription service will only be offered through email for frequent Lyft users that live in the test cities of the service. The offer is exclusive and Lyft is not charging to keep the reserved spot for the wait list.

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