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Look Stylish in Your New Bose… Sunglasses?

Image Credit: Bose

They’re already on your head, they might as well play music.

Everyone knows what Bose has done in revolutionizing the way that we hear sound. But, did you know that they are trying to revolutionize the music that we listen to while wearing a pair of sunglasses?

Bose’s line of “Frames” sunglasses are built with speakers that are pointed towards your ears. Think of the possibilities of just being able to go for a walk with your sunglasses and listen to all the music you want right there without having your ears plugged up.

The glasses are stylish, and most people wouldn’t even notice that they contain speakers. They feel light and have two styles as of right now. You can purchase glasses that are square framed or a rounder, smaller looking pair. They only come in black, but hey, black looks cool.

These glasses would be the perfect match for runners. Many runners have sensitive eyes with the wind and sun, so they would be able to wear these glasses and enjoy their favorite tunes as they dash through the local streets.

However, the arms are a little heavy. All the speaker equipment is located in there, so it will be a little bulkier than most people may like. A complaint some people have made so far is that, based on the price, the plastic should be of a higher quality. But, this cheaper plastic is helping to keep the weight of the glasses down.

One other common complaint is that the control for the frames is a tiny golf button, which is located near your right temple. So, when you go to adjust the frames, you may accidentally click on the button and change what you had playing. However, it allows you to pick up phone calls connect to your phone, which is an added benefit.

The sound quality is good but can be a little murky in loud environments. The battery life is around 4 hours and you will not be able to tell when it is low, so you’ll have to be sure to charge up often.

In the end, the Frames are a very cool device. Because of the exposure to the air, you may not get the same quality of sound that you would with headphones. Still, this is a unique way to take advantage of wearing sunglasses and listening to the music at the same time, while being able to perform other necessary tasks. Bose Frames cost a little under $200.