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Illumy Sleep Mask Lulls With Lights
By Mary Chevalier Posted in Emerging Tech, News, Science on October 15, 2018

Insomnia is the worst. Like, there are a lot of things that are awful, but I don’t think anyone will fight me on insomnia’s high-ranking status on the “worst-o-meter.” There’s no surefire way to remedy it, especially not in the middle of the night, but anything that can tip the scales in your favor is worth giving a shot. And so, for your consideration, the Illumy sleep mask.

Illumy has small lights inside its eye covers that can be programmed via an app to flash at specific intervals. Now, it might seem counter-intuitive to try to solve insomnia by flashing lights in your face. These lights are soft and dim, intended to be relaxing.

Some people like a little light when they’re trying to sleep anyway. The scientific idea here is that these special lights can help to adjust your circadian rhythm after it’s been disrupted (jet lag, late shifts, etc.). The light stimulates your eyes in a certain way to promote melatonin production, with helps to regulate your internal clock.

As a side benefit, some light on your eyes improves blood flow around there, which is good if your eyes are sunken from too much screen time.

The Illumy is commercially available now for $99.99.

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