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ILA 2018: Drone Technology Showcase In Berlin Air Show

Air shows are a popular occurrence in April in Berlin. This is the Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace (ILA) event, with a huge range of planes, helicopters and other airborne elements taking their turns to wow the crowds. One of the main themes at this year‘s event is drones and other unmanned aircraft. While many of the items here have more military applications, the civilian use of this technology is clearly on show. Airbus is currently demonstrating it’s City Airbus Helicopter, currently undergoing its final tests before its first flight.

Currently it is a drone, but it’s creators have a vision of it replacing ground based taxis in the future. Their hope is that the Airbus becomes available to all people. Many of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers are showing off their wares. Among the different aircraft seen are many from the German military, which this year is presenting it’s hardware in combination with elements from its French counterparts. Germany and France are called the “engine” of Europe, so the focus is to have all in the industry present in Berlin. The latest aircraft design and technology is what is being showcased at the event. However, for many people it is a chance to get a close glimpse at jets they never would be able to see otherwise.

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