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IBM Discusses Artificial Intelligence Technology

Head of IBM Watson applications, Inhi Cho Suh, discussed at Investor’s Business Daily how artificial intelligence is “applied to almost every decision-making process for businesses.”

“When you think about the consumer lens, I think people think about very simple, narrow AI,” Suh explains. “Task-oriented.”

She listed down some of the basic tasks that people have AI do these days, such as playing songs automatically, setting timers, or giving notifications, and said that it is different from how AI is actually used in business.

“When we think about AI in a business context and domain, and you start to think about images, text, video, and doing analytics,” she pointed out. “The next evolution is around the ability to communicate reason, synthesize concepts, convey a point of view. That interaction and scalability of AI is sort of the next frontier. That’s the new trend.”

Suh believes that AI is soon going to be bigger than just being able to do multiple tasks, clarifying that the next endeavor regarding AI will be to make it able to do “multiple tasks across multiple domains.” While IBM systems are not directly accessed by most consumers, she said that its AI can be found in things like pricing, promotions, and delivery, among others.

“AI is being applied in every role, ever context among multiple domains and I just encourage everyone to get started,” she added.