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Hydrogen-Powered Concept Air Vehicle Could Revolutionize Transportation

It flies, it uses renewable fuel – it’s the future, baby. Say hello to the Skai from Alaka’i Technologies.

According to a report, the goal of this new concept vehicle is to provide accessible transportation in the future. without having to spend a lot of money on energy. They’re also trying to avoid wasteful emissions from vehicles out on the market currently. The Skai can certainly accomplish this (at least theoretically), as it could fly 400 miles for 4 hours on a full tank of fuel.

Vehicles with this technology are called hydrogen fuel cell vehicles or FCVs. As their name implies, they are powered by pressurized hydrogen (H2) that creates electricity as a chemical reaction from its interaction with oxygen (O2) in the air. Hydrogen FCVs are definitely more efficient than any other combustion engine.

In addition to this, hydrogen FCVs are much better for our environment too. Their one and only byproduct is H2O, also known as water, and this water is clean enough that you can drink it straight from the vehicle without any side effects. Unlike current batteries, their lifespan is also longer since hydrogen fuel cells can keep going as long as there is H2.

Currently, numerous countries from all over the world like Japan and the US are already looking into mass-producing hydrogen FCVs eventually.