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Huawei’s Matebook X: The More Affordable MacBook?

Huawei’s newest 13-inch laptop is an affordable MacBook alternative.

The Matebook 13 is clearly meant to look and feel like Apple’s iconic MacBook laptops, but its sleekness and performance also rival the computer it imitates. The Matebook lacks many of the bells and whistles of the latest MacBook series, and that might make it even more desirable. The price is more affordable, starting at $1,049 while Apple charges almost $300 more for their base model of a similar size. The upgraded 13-inch MacBook Pro with a touch-bar can cost as much as $1,799.00, whereas the upgraded Matebook 13, with a better i7 processor, costs around $1,379.00. In contrast, the upgraded MacBook Pro with an i7 processor runs as high as $2,100.00.

While Apple fans may not want to switch over to Windows, those who are willing to switch to Windows may get more for their money here. The Matebook 13 is heavier than both the MacBook and the Microsoft Surface Pro, giving it a more dense feel. The keys are also slightly more raised, and they have more of a satisfying bounce. Some of the drawbacks for the Matebook 13 come from its relatively lower price, such as a shorter battery life than a few of its competitors, and the aforementioned heaviness. But the compactness, excellent display, and good performance, as well as the improvements upon its predecessors, make the MateBook 13 a highly regarded, affordable laptop.