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Huawei Reveals Its First Ever Folding Phone

Huawei has finally revealed its own folding phone, which the Chinese company claims can beat its South Korean rival Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, at least where specs are concerned.

Huawei has been battling allegations from the US, UK, and other Western countries for quite some time, but it didn’t stop the Chinese tech giant from surging forward with its latest innovation. The Huawei Mate X is the latest technological wonder from Huawei, with its gorgeous flexible OLED display that can be folded depending on your preferences. The phone makes use of one 8-inch panel that can give the user three different screens. The folded version provides users with a 6.6 inch, notch-free, and almost bezel-less screen, as well as an elongated 6.4-inch display at the back. With the rear display, users can even take selfies using the main camera. Meanwhile, opening the device up gives users access to an almost square, almost bezel-less 8-inch screen.

This is where the Mate X beats the Samsung Galaxy Fold. While the Huawei Mate X may be a bit thicker than most modern smartphones, it’s still not as thick as the Galaxy Fold, which is almost twice as thick as a regular smartphone. There’s also no gap in the Mate X when folded, unlike the Galaxy Fold that shows a gap in the middle of the fold. This is because the Mate X folds outwards, while the Galaxy Fold folds inwards. However, it does come with one caveat: the Mate X is more prone to getting scratched or dirtied, unlike the Galaxy Fold that is more protected.

At $2,600 per handset, the Huawei Mate X is looking pretty steep right now, even among the foldable smartphone category. Huawei is planning to release the Mate X in June, along with the promise of 5G technology included in the hefty price tag.