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Huawei Caught Using Professional Photo for New Phone’s Camera Image

Marketing products is not an easy job, nor should it be. But perhaps someone should tell that to Huawei’s marketing team, who felt it necessary to pass off a professional photo as a photo supposedly taken from the company’s newest flagship device, the Huawei P30.

Huawei uploaded some photos earlier last week to its Chinese Weibo account, showing off the phone’s stellar specifications– including its impressive camera shots. Huawei phones are known for their amazing cameras, after all, and its flagship understandably gets the best of the best in terms of camera quality.

Unfortunately for Huawei, the photos it uploaded that were said to feature Huawei P30’s ‘superzoom’ capabilities turned out to be simply stock photos taken with a DSLR. Huawei soon added a disclaimer to its post, saying that the photos are ‘artistic renditions’ only.

The official disclaimer says, “We’ve been made aware that there might have been some misunderstanding regarding our recent Huawei P30 Series teaser posters. We would like to reiterate that those are, in fact, only teaser posters, and are only intended to hint at the unique new features that will come with the Huawei P30 Series. Huawei has acquired the licenses to the original images and the posters are artistic renditions of said features only. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the media for their interest in our posters.”

The Huawei P30 is due to be released sometime this month.