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How To Reduce Phone Usage in 2019

While a recent study has already said that screen time may not actually be as harmful as we thought, it’s still recommended to spend more time away from the screen than in front of it. This year, a New Year’s Resolution for many people is to lessen screen time. According to research done last year, the average person uses their phone for more than 4 hours a day. Too much screen time in adults is linked to weight gain, lack of sleep, and more importantly, loss of productivity. If you’re planning to reduce phone usage this year, here are some foolproof tricks from CNBC that can help you!

Place only important apps on your home

This is easier done on Android devices that have a separate app dock, but you can do this even on devices that don’t. Keep most of your apps in a few folders so that you don’t get as tempted to use them all the time.

Log out of apps when you’re done

Another trick would be to log out of your apps when you’re done using them. This certainly helps, but admittedly, it can be such a hassle to do.

Turn off notifications

This is one trick that I personally do for my own phone. Most of my notifications are off and I only check my phone at specific times of the day. Doing this prevents me from getting distracted all the time by any activity on my phone.

Keep your phone away from your bed

Most people keep their phone with them at bedtime, but this shouldn’t be the case. Keeping it right within reach makes it more tempting to use your phone instead of doing more important things, such as sleeping for example.

It may be hard to curb your phone habits at first, but if you keep at it, you’ll certainly be able to achieve your goal. Here’s to a more productive, more active 2019 for all of us!