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High School Students Use Technology To Help Veterans

A team of Modesto high school students are supporting an Iraq War veteran in a big way by giving him a literal helping hand. Throwing and catching a softball is a skill this veteran has had to relearn. In 2005, when Jose Jauregui was serving in Iraq, the tank he was in was hit by a rocket.  75 percent of his body was covered in burns, and he lost his left hand, as well as the use of his right hands. However, when he is able to play softball, it helps him to feel more normal again. Thanks to the robotics team at Beyer High School, this war veteran is able to get that normal feeling back again. He needed a prosthetic hand and the kids saw an opportunity to learn.

Through several attempts of trial and error, the kids came up with a prototype that works- One that is the right size to fit into his baseball glove. The kids used a combination of science, technology and engineering, as well as 3-D printing to come up with just the right prosthetic for him. Jauregui is thankful to the kids for their talent and dedication. “I think it’d be amazing. This is just the beginning, really. It’s advancing so fast,” Jauregui said. The students are just as grateful. They said helping Jauregui has paved the way to help even more people. Their efforts received recognition at last weekend’s Idaho Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. 

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