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Google Releases Chrome Canvas Doodling App
By Xavier Miller Posted in Consumer Tech, News, Software on December 24, 2018

Move aside pencil and random piece of paper, a new doodling system has emerged in the Digital Age.

Google has been in the news quite a bit recently. A second Google+ bug that affected over 52 million users, political bias in their Google Images search function, the billion dollar purchase of a new office in Hudson Square, New York and more. So it’s easy to see how this new app could have gotten overlooked. Introducing: Chrome Canvas.

Chrome Canvas is Google’s new web-based doodling app, which allows users to create doodles and save them right to their Chrome account. The app is fairly rudimentary at the moment, offering up the most basic of tools, but it’s still a fun little way to spend a few minutes if you are bored. If you’re an artist and are suddenly struck with a brilliant idea for a character design or something like that, this app could be a good way to draw it out quickly before the inspiration disappears.

Although it is a web-app, you can transfer your pictures to your smartphone, be it an Android or Apple device, which is quite convenient. The app can be used with any web browser that supports WebAssembly.

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