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Google Fit Activity App Available On Apple App Store


I am mildly terrified at the prospect of Google and Apple teaming up.

Google seems to be fostering a good relationship with Apple lately, given its recent release of the Google Fit app on the iPhone. And it doesn’t stop at that; Google Fit can also be integrated now with the Health app and comes with automatic Apple Watch support for the user’s ease of use and convenience.

Google Fit is Google’s fitness tracking app that was released four years ago on Android. Now that it’s on iOS, it can track all workout sessions automatically if the user is wearing an Apple Watch or a Wear OS smartwatch. It can even be integrated with other features of the Health app, such as Headspace, Sleep Cycle, and Nike Run Club.

Aside from this, the Google Fit app also comes with some other special features. Two of these features are Move Minutes and Heart Points, which are based on the weekly physical activity recommendation from the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association.

Move Minutes gamify the process by awarding ‘points’ to users the more they move. The app tracks the duration and logs it into the app. Heart Points, on the other hand, are awarded the more intense the movements are.

Other than that, there’s also a journal feature on the app that lets users view all the activities and progress tracked for the entire week. The journal also contains all the weekly goals for  Move Minutes and Heart Points.

You can download Google Fit now for free on the iOS App Store.