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Google Developers Conference Unveils New Features
By Karli Wallace Posted in Emerging Tech, News on May 11, 2018

Facebook and Microsoft just announced new features are their developer conferences, with Google giving them a run for their money on innovative new features.

All developer conferences focused on the utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Google is using AI for medical evaluations. A new ocular scanner feature allows a user to scan their eyeball and gain information on medical risks, without a doctor present. Another project uses AI to analyze thousands of data points about a patient’s health to predict if they would experience illness.

Google Assistant got a huge upgrade with the tech specs, including an option to feature John Legend’s voice as the Assistant. They are working to get more voice options to best suit Assistant users. They have such attention to detail that they are working on making the voice more life-like because Google is worried that the blunt interactions with Assistant can lead to children acting blunt and bossy through the current voice tone.

There will be a new Assistant feature that allows users to see more information when they ask a question to give a more visual experience, making it easier for users to navigate. Assistant is also working on the ability to be able to make calls for users, adding imperfections such as ‘um’ to sound more life-like.

Google Maps is developing a live camera feature to allow for real time directions based on users surrounding, while providing information on surrounding locations.


Photo recognition is a big role with the new Google Lens feature, allowing users to use their camera lens to search for similar photos or related information. This feature can be used to copy and paste text information from a photo taken.

The biggest new development is with Waymo, an autonomous or self-driving taxi service. The development of this new feature started in 2009 and is one of the only self-driving cars that focuses on avoiding hitting pedestrians.

Uber announced new AI feature to have self-driving cars, but testing showed that the system recognized a pedestrian (which the car hit), choosing not to avoid the pedestrian. The initial service will start in Phoenix and currently has 6 million miles of self-driving testing on safety roads.

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