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Game Analyst Predicts Strong Year for ‘Fortnite’

Corey Barrett, a video game analyst at M Science, a data-driven research firm, has some forecasts to share regarding the video game industry for 2019.

“I think it will continue to actually be really epic in Fortnite, in particular, the eSports opportunity,” said Barrett when asked what most excites him about the video game sector this year. “I’d be very interested in seeing how that plays out.”

Barrett also mentions how Fortnite is apparently ‘disrupting’ Steam, the biggest digital distribution platform on the web, by creating its own PC marketplace. Epic Games, the creator of Fornite and Unreal, recently launched its own online game store that will feature its own games as well as third-party games created by the Unreal Engine among other game-making software such as Unity. It will also take a mere 12% of game revenues from publishers, as opposed to Steam’s 30%. Obviously, this is a threat to Steam’s dominant position in the market.

Barrett then talks about how Fortnite exited 2018 on a strong footing. “December, I think, was their strongest month.” He ends by saying that he’s interested in the game’s ability to translate its impact elsewhere, be it in eSports or PC marketplaces. “That’s probably what I’m most keen to watch in 2019.”