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‘Fortnite’s’ Infinity Blade Removed Due to Balancing Issues

The aptly named Infinity Blade, having many similarities to the limited time Infinity Gauntlet, has been vaulted a mere three days after being introduced to the game. Why? Well, turns out that you can bring a sword to a gun fight, at least in ‘Fortnite.’

Introduced in update 7.01 on December 11th, the Infinity Blade packed a powerful punch. Er, slash. Each slash dealt 75 damage, and just like Thanos, players wielding the Infinity Blade can smash through any buildings, player-made or otherwise. Players also have an enhanced leap to to quickly cover ground, and 130% movement speed, which makes closing the distance and hunting wounded rivals quite easy.Players wielding the Infinity Blade also become quite durable, as wielding the sword ups your max HP and Shields to 200. Every kill with the sword grants an instant +50 HP, and you also have a passive healing effect of 1 HP per second. On top of all that, wielders of the Infinity Blade are still able to build whilst using the weapon. They are also able to instantly acquire the materials anytime they farm, as the Infinity Blade destroys everything in a single slice. Thanks to the movement speed boost, it’s almost impossible to beat an Infinity Blade-wielding player in a build fight.

If all that sounds a bit overpowered, that’s because it was. Hence why it was banned. As of now, Epic Games has not been entirely clear on whether the Infinity Blade would be vaulted permanently or just temporarily until they are is able to balance it.