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‘Fornite’ Rolls Out Season 8 Update

The hit battle royale game Fornite has opened its eighth season with a bang.

Season 8 brings around some new additions to the game, as well as some patches to resolve the problems and issues of last season. New additions, meanwhile, include volcanic lava, gigantic hamster balls, and of course, terrific treasure for everyone to enjoy.

This season, Fornite players can expect pirates and ninjas for a pirate-themed party. The map has also been transformed due to a huge volcanic eruption and players can even explore new areas like Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps in the quest of abundant loots. Be careful though, as the eruption gave birth to mysterious caves and volcanic fissures that can blast you all the way across the map. There are also a couple of new changes this season, namely some new weapons and even a new feature that allows you to team up with others to perform objectives, like the daily or weekly challenges.

Players who have completed the 13 Overtime Challenges from last season can get this season’s Battle Pass for free, in addition to some cool new outfits. Those who haven’t, however, can avail the Battle Pass for 950 v-bucks or $10 each.

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