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Fighting Games Of The Future
By Josh Harlow Posted in Emerging Tech, Gaming on July 5, 2018

E3 is over. Gaming news has died down. Now it’s time to delve deep into a genre of gaming that is getting some much-needed love. That’s right, I’m talking brawlers. The two I want to focus in on today are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Jump Force.

First up, the Nintendo staple is getting a massive overhaul with new dodge and shield mechanics that will heavily impact the way pro players strategize their wins. We’re getting the largest roster in Smash history (or maybe even in video game history) with every single contender from games previous making an appearance, including Pichu and Ice Climbers, who will both get their own Amiibos to go along with their reappearance.

Next, we have Bandai-Namco’s Jump Force. For years, this developer pushed out Naruto fighting games that held down the franchise, but never pushed the boundaries. Now, Naruto’s roots are going to explode, as the manga that was featured in Shonen Jump magazines gets its own crossover game akin to PlayStation AllStars. Announced franchises include Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Death Note, and most recently, Bleach, with three confirmed characters: Ichigo, Rukia, and Aizen.

While details on Jump Force aren’t in full “force” yet… we know Smash Bros. Ultimate will be sure to deliver when it debuts later this year.

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