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Facebook Suspends 200 Apps For Data Review
By Karli Wallace Posted in Emerging Tech, News on May 14, 2018

With the recent Facebook Developers Conference the social media company is focusing on giving users more privacy with their information, leading to the suspension of 200 apps that refused or failed an audit.

After Facebook announced that they will be working to create a better user experience by reviewing possible misuses of user data. This comes after the Cambridge Analytica Congressional hearing in regards to hackers using Facebook for access to data influencing the 2016 election.

The focus of the app suspension is due to apps that had access to information before 2014 when Facebook changed information privacy policies. The company is also reassuring that apps who are found to be misusing data will be banned.

The company is focused on rectifying their data policy to better protect the privacy of the user and to prevent another Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook has reviewed thousands of apps that were found not to be misusing data, while 200 apps are suspended for further investigation.

The review process is two phases in which there is a comprehensive review of apps with access to large amount of user data, and interviewing organizations to determine what data is accessed or if possible audits are connected to the app. Any apps failing or refusing to cooperate with the audit investigation will be banned from the platform.

This investigation is re-assuring Facebook users that the company is taking this misused data issue seriously and with the new ‘Clear History’ tool coming soon, users can feel that their information is safe.

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