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Facebook Has Lost 15 Million U.S. Users Since 2017

Although Facebook seems unscathed from all the controversies and issues that it’s been facing these last few years, there might be evidence that shows otherwise.

A recent report from New Jersey-based market research company Edison Research revealed that Facebook has actually lost at least 15 million users from the United States, its most lucrative market, since 2017.

The research firm conducted a survey that showed a drop in the total number of active users on Facebook, the majority of which is from the 12-34-year-old category. Though the firm’s president Larry Rosin calls this “a meaningful drop” in Facebook’s user base, it doesn’t mean, however, that Facebook is negatively impacted by the numbers in general.

In fact, based on the most recent earnings report released by Facebook, it appears that the social media platform actually has more daily and monthly active users than ever. It also reported an all-time high global user base of 2.32 billion.

Still, Rosin believes that the numbers are important. “Fifteen million is a lot of people, no matter which way you cut it,” he said in an interview with Marketplace. “It represents about 6 percent of the total U.S. population ages 12 and older. What makes it particularly important is if it is part of a trend. This is the second straight year we’ve seen this number go down.”

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