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Facebook And YouTube Battling Misinformation Again

Social media giants Facebook and YouTube are still not giving up on their battle against misinformation.

The two platforms are now implementing new algorithms that will change how search results are found when users type keywords into the search bar. By doing so, both Facebook and YouTube are hoping that they can reduce the spread of fake news and misinformation that is rampant on their sites.

As far as more specific ideas go, Facebook is now implementing new measures to stop the spread of the anti-vax movement, or the movement that aims to promote anti-vaccine beliefs. Such beliefs shared around on Facebook and other social media platforms are not only harming individual children and their families but also increasing the spread of preventable diseases such as measles, flu, and polio.

Meanwhile, YouTube is also adding information panels to search results that show videos that have been reported to contain fake information. This is in order to deter people from watching these videos, therefore discouraging content creators from making videos that purposely try to spread misinformation.

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