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Exploding Fitness Trackers By Provata

The fitness tracker trend is on fire as of late, but Provata has taken that meaning too literally. Provata is a company that provides a series of lower-grade fitness trackers when compared to Apple Watches and FitBits, so its expected that there would be some inconsistency in the design. However, these wristbands are overheating, causing some serious damage.

Provata reportedly recalled over 30,000 individual units and are replacing them to customers for free. The issue with these trackers was that, either while being charged or being used, the device would likely overheat. The strain of the device’s internal systems was too much for the exterior to contain, so they would literally burn the wrists of the athletes who used them.

While only 13 people reported the problem of overheating, 3 unfortunate consumers suffered physical burns while using or wearing a Provata fitness tracker. The health and wellness company will be taking more cautious steps in the future to prevent the hardware from overheating and causing more potential damage.