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Epic Games Implements Search Feature In Store

A search feature has finally been implemented in the online store of Epic Games, and players were absolutely thrilled to receive this simple yet awesome news.

Since the store’s debut late last year, players have been asking for a search feature in order to be able to look for games they’re interested in. And now, Sergey Galyonkin, director of Publishing Strategy at Epic Games, finally announced the much-awaited news.

Although many players were glad to have this addition, some were annoyed, however, that such a “basic feature” was added only now. In response to this though, Galyonkin explained that a search bar wouldn’t have made sense in the beginning, as the store only had three games available anyway. With Epic Games’ implementation of ‘free game every fortnight’ strategy though, it only makes sense to add a search function now, as the game library is also expanding.

Galyonkin also says that other features will be implemented once the store has more games, including the addition of pages to further categorize the titles.

At the moment, the free game at the Epic Games Store is Slime Rancher, which will be available until March 21. The next free game after that will be Oxenfree. If you’re interested to know what the next free game will be, head onto their website to find out!