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Elon Musk Unveils First SpaceX Satellites

Image Credit: SpaceX

Internet. In. SPAAAAACE.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally allowed the world to take its first look at the first SpaceX satellites that will be used as part of the plan to make ultra high-speed Internet connections accessible all around the globe.

The sneak peek comes in the form of a tweet showing 60 Starlink satellites stacked together inside the SpaceX Falcon rocket.

The idea for the 12,000 satellite fleet that will bring high-speed internet to the world first came to the public eye way back in 2015. Musk announced his intention of fundraising for the special fleet as well as for another high-profile project within the company.

If this project succeeds, internet speeds all around the world will be much faster than we’ve ever experienced before. We’re talking about download and upload speeds that are about 40x faster than the world’s current average.

As for the price of availing this future service, Business Insider reports that Musk and SpaceX are hoping that it won’t be too expensive. Nevertheless, the goal is to “keep prices low and best competing and similar networks like OneWeb or Jeff Bezos’ Project Kuiper.”

Two of the satellites for this project were already launched for an experiment last February.