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Eliminating Pain While You Game
By Josh Harlow Posted in Gaming, How To, News, Reviews, Science on July 3, 2018

We gamers, we get really into our games. Like, REALLY into it. I remember I used to stare at my desktop screen for 8-10 hours a day, putting horrible strain on my eyes, having no lumbar support, and getting ridiculous mouth pains from gritting my teeth whenever I died in World of Warcraft or League of Legends. Luckily, science has recognized that us gamers need to relieve their pain, and have made some modifications to help us game longer and stronger. Here are some of my personal favorites to alleviate those previously mentioned pains.

First off, the eye strain can be simply solved by getting up and stretching every now and again. After every two hours, take that 10 minute break and just look at something else. But for those hardcore gamers, try Gunnar Optics, as they’re professionally made gaming glasses that help reduce the strain on your eyes when the screen is the only thing in your way all day.

There are plenty of gaming chairs out there with lumbar support that enhance the comfortability of sitting in one spot for hours on end. The choices are endless, so do some research and find the one that works for you. Funny how this problem, too, can also be solved by getting up and stretching in between boss fights.

But the one problem that can’t be solved by getting up is tooth pain. Yes, we are all victims of grinding our teeth after a terrible loss. But that’s where Sensodyne Rapid Relief comes in. Brushing with this beauty blocks pain before it can reach the brain, so waking up and going to bed by using Sensodyne can eliminate the pain and wear of sensitive teeth due to intense gaming sessions.

Try the remedy that works for you, and make the most out of game time, without the pain time: Sensodyne.

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