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Do People Still Play Minecraft?
By Josh Harlow Posted in Gaming on July 11, 2018

So apparently, Minecraft has an underwater universe now? Last time I played they just added jungle biomes, so I think I have a little bit of catching up to do. The once massive IP that everyone was talking about has spread from PC to mobile to Xbox to Switch and while I always know that people will be playing the block-based builder, just how many people are still obsessed with Minecraft?

At the beginnings of this year, Minecraft had nearly 75 million players as monthly users. That’s nearly a quarter of the United States population to put it into perspective. So clearly, new content is desperately in need to keep people hooked.

The newest update brings in sea turtles that require protection so their eggs don’t get devoured by predators, underwater zombies known as “The Drowned,” and the ability to construct Conduits underwater… Not that I know what any of that means, since I haven’t opened the game in forever.

Minecraft used to be an addiction for me. I would watch YouTube videos, try to make my own stories in Creative Mode, and build massive structures together with friends on personal servers. As the game grew and grew, the hype became overwhelming. New features seemed like convoluted extras, and eventually, the game became something it never was meant to be. If Minecraft had stayed as a simple survivor/builder without all these magical, unnecessary additions, I would still revisit it from time to time. But with the ever-evolving landscape of the game, it seems like too much to keep up with.

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